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Remember arcades? We sure do!!

Like coin-operated video and/or pinball games? Want to immortalize the arcades that you played them at, being past and/or present? Well, you can do that here!

Be sure to check out the how to write an article page for guidelines in regards to formatting specifically for this wiki (although it is quite simple as compared to others) and what we are looking for in order to help preserve arcade history.

There have been 180 arcades (and other memories) in seven countries preserved since September 14, 2014.

Creating new articles[]

Pretty simple stuff, really:

  1. Type up the name of the game room you want to write about in the search box (at top center of this page [next to the magnifying glass]) and hit enter.
  2. Click on the Contribute button at the top right (right next to the page total), click on Add new page, then type in the name of your game room in the Write your page title here area and hit Enter to start the article.

And that's pretty much it! There's more to that though, of course, which can be seen in the how to write an article page, plus the head admin can be contacted at his talk page if you have any questions in regards to preserving arcade history.

Featured arcade of the month

Atari is a company that created many handheld, console, arcade and computers, as well as thousands of games for those platforms. Atari Adventure was a chain of arcades across the United States usually comprised of various video games and Atari personal computers (such as the Atari 400 and 800) that were set up on the premises for people to play games on, among other attractions.

Atari Adventure Amusement Center
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