Atari Adventure
Years active 1984 - 1999
Number of games 2-3 dozen
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Crestwood Plaza was a shopping mall located at 109 Crestwood Plaza in Crestwood, Missouri that opened in 1957. It was the first major mall in the St. Louis area, having various stores, art galleries and studios. The mall would close in 2013, and as of November 2016 is under demolition.

Atari Adventure was a chain of arcades across the United States usually comprised of various video games and Atari personal computers (see Trivia section). Atari Adventure was a tenant of the Crestwood Plaza for several years. It is believed their games ran on quarters.

Known gamesEdit

  • Pole Position (Cockpit model)
  • Road Blasters (Cockpit)
  • Spy Hunter (Cockpit)


  • Atari personal computers (see below)


Atari personal computers (such as the Atari 400 and 800) were set up on the premises for people to play games on (for a fee).

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