Diamond Shamrock (2205 Gessner)
Years active 1970s - 2001?
Number of games 3-4
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Diamond Shamrock was a refinery and gas station company in the United States. Many of its locations were also comprised of a convenience store, some of which had arcade games, such as the one located at 2205 Gessner in Houston, Texas.

Known games, videoEdit

The games ran on quarters.

  • Cobra Command
  • Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp
  • Track and Field


Due to having financial problems and losing money over the years, Ultramar, then the Valero Energy Corporation acquired Diamond Shamrock (the latter in 2001). Sometime later, this Diamond Shamrock station became a Valero, minus the games (although this location had gotten rid of its games sometime before the takeover).