Fair Lanes (925 Bunker Hill Road)
Years active 1970s - 1995 (?)
Number of games 5-12
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Fair Lanes, Inc. was a bowling alley chain situated in the United States. Establishments usually had several dozen lanes, along with a concession stand and arcade.

The location at 925 Bunker Hill Road in Houston, Texas had a small arcade area with games that ran on quarters.

Arcade/known gamesEdit

  • Pool tables
  • Solar Quest
  • Some insect-themed video game where players shot rapid-fire at onscreen bugs, along with using a hand to shoo away pests when they got too close


Fair Lanes, Inc. would be bought out by AMF Bowling Center. Some of these facilities (such as the one at this location) would be later changed to 300 and/or Bowlmor Lanes (all of which happened at this location).