Jillian's (Marq*E)
Years active 2000 (?) - 2008 (?)
Number of games Dozens
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


The Marq*E Entertainment Center is a complex located at Silber and Interstate 10 in Houston, Texas, having nearly 350,000 square feet of entertainment venues that comprise of a movie theatre, restaurants, shops and clubs[1].

Jillian's is a restaurant and entertainment chain that was started in 1985 and had multiple locations that spread over the United States and Canada. Their locations usually had several dozen pinball, arcade, and video games that ran on prepaid "Player Cards".

The Jillian's at the Marq*E location was one of the original locations to open with the Marq*E establishment. As the Jillian's brand entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it had to sell off its assets[2], resulting in locations (such as this one) to close.

Known gamesEdit

  • Bowling video game of some sort
  • Star Wars Racer Arcade
  • Multiple other video, pinball, and arcade machines


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