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Malibu Jack's

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Years active 2013 - Present
Definition Entertainment company
Located U. S. A.
Status Active

Malibu Jack's is an entertainment facility that includes indoor mini-golf, go-karts, arcade games, basketball hoops and cafe (no entrance fee, pay as you go) and more. It has two locations in Kentucky, both of which also have arcades.


In order to access an attraction, participants must:

1. LOAD money to a card

2. SWIPE your card to play at any attraction or game

3. REDEEM your tickets for fun prizes before you leave

Go karts[]

These run on an indoor track; racers get boosts to use any time during a race. Requirements for a standard race is that racers but be at least 10 years old and be at least 56" tall. Passengers must be at least four years old and be 38" tall, along with riding with someone age 18 or older. Racers cannot be over 6' 10" and weigh over 320 pounds.

Laser tag[]

This is a two floor arena where up to 30 people can play at once. Tagging the most players is the goal to a high score, along with taking out bonus objectives for more points.

Players must be at least five years of age and be accompanied by a paid adult.

Malibu golf[]

This is an 18 hole course with an 11 foot waterfall and is wheelchair compatible.

Xrider 4-D Motion Theater[]

This is an eight person roller coaster simulator where participants choose which movie they want to experience. Riders must be at least 48" tall to ride.

Dark Ride 4-D Motion Theater[]

A motion simulator ride with 4D effects and blasters that riders use to score points with. It has many different adventures to choose from.


A Fun in the Sun Base Package and a Full Sail Ultimate Package are available with various prices and activities, which, along with the aforementioned attractions, also include Spin Zone Bumper Cars and a Bounce Beach Kid's Zone for kids 10 and under.

Malibu Jack's can host events with various packages and pricing options for 15- 400+ people. Groups of 50 or more guests are eligible for Unlimited packages. School field trips, team events, corporate and overnight events can be held. Patio space seats up to 40 guests, along with a tv being available, tables, chairs, decor and balloons, cake plates, napkins, plastic forks and tablecloths are included. Tabletops can be brought in.


Some games award tickets and others award prizes.





Various restaurants, the Wave Rider, Twist N Shout Coaster and bowling attractions are coming soon to the Lexington location (as stated in mid 2018 on the official site).

Web & Contact[]

This entertainment center was featured in October, 2019.