Sears (Westwood Mall)

The Sears at Memorial City Mall.

Years active 197? - 198?
Number of games ?
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Westwood Mall was a shopping center that opened in 1975 in Houston, Texas. It had two stories and 60 stores of various kinds. The mall would close in 1998 and has since been converted to an office complex. The Mall was located at 9700 Bissonnet.

Sears started as a mail order company in 1893 in America; by 1925 it became a physical department store and has expanded to many stores in several other countries since. The Sears at Westwood Mall had a small arcade at one point.

Known gamesEdit

The games ran on quarters. The arcade had either

  • Cosmic Avenger or
  • Space Panic


Although this Sears arcade closed at some point, with the Mall itself closing in 1998, this Sears is still in business as of the close of 2014.