Tilt (Pecanland Mall)
Tilt 132 50pct

A Tilt in Houston, Texas.

Years active 198? - 2012
Number of games Dozens?
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed

Tilt is a chain of arcade centers that can be found in malls across the United States.

The Pecanland Mall was the second major indoor shopping center built in Monroe, Louisiana. Opening its doors in 1985, it would soon surpass its main competition, the older and much smaller Twin City Mall, which would eventually be driven out of business.

The Pecanland Mall opened originally with two arcades; one, the Fun Zone, which featured numerous games and rides, would prove to be extremely short-lived, closing after only a couple years. (Information on the Fun Zone is extremely scant.)

The other, Tilt, remained a fixture of the Food Court for nearly three decades, until abruptly closing its doors sometime in 2012.



The House of the Dead

Deal or No Deal

Marvel Vs. Capcom

▪A few Time Crisis

▪Assorted racing games

▪Assorted fighters

▪Many more


The arcade offered tickets that could be redeemed for prizes, similar to Chuck E. Cheese's.

During the latter half of its operation, from the mid '90s until it closed in 2012, all games accepted regular quarters.

Information regarding the Fun Zone is speculative at best; it is entirely possible Tilt was not around when the Fun Zone was, and only arrived later.

This arcade was featured in January, 2015.