University of Houston-Downtown dormitory
Years active 1981 (?) - 1991?
Number of games 5
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


The University of Houston is a college institution that was established in 1927. It is currently the state of Texas’s third largest college with nearly 41,000 students enrolled. It offers over 300 degree programs throughout its 12 academic colleges.

The University of Houston-Downtown campus was established in 1974. Its dormitory was located at what is now 1000 Commerce Street and had a small arcade.

Arcade/known gamesEdit

This arcade's games ran on quarters (not counting the foosball table, which was free to use).

  • Foosball table
  • Galaga 3
  • Haunted House (pinball)
  • Other video games


The dormitory was formerly the Harley Hotel, which was a bit antiquated and required an entire day to change the air ventilation system in case there were complaints from the students (i. e. in case it was too hot and it was requested for the air conditioning to be turned on or vice versa). The building was demolished in 1991.